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Will Your Hair Be Knotty or Nice this Holiday Season?

Will Your Hair Be Knotty or Nice this Holiday Season?

Newsflash – Festive holiday hair doesn’t have to be complicated! It’s easy to stay on the “nice” list and November is the perfect month to try out different styles before the December rush. Try these easy-yet-elegant styles yourself, or sit back, relax, and let your stylist add their own professional finesse.

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To get started, all you need – along with a little time – is some good product plus a few basic hair tools (hair dryer, curling iron, hair ties, bobby pins and a pretty hair clip).

Nice n’ Sleek Pull-Up

Products: Texturizer and hair spray (Try Redken’s Wind Blown; Fashion Work 12; Guts; Stay High; Fabricate; Powder Grip; Quick Tease; Triple Take 32; Control Addict).

Tools & Accessories: Curling iron (or flat iron; hot or Velcro rollers), Invisibobbie hair tie, bobby pins.

How to: Work texturizer through damp hair, then gather your hair into a high ponytail. If your hair is long, leave the ends tucked into the elastic. Wrap one section of hair around the elastic to hide it, then mold your hair into a round shape with a curling iron or flat iron. Hot or Velcro rollers can also be used to achieve this effect. Gently tease the hair. Tame any flyaways with hair spray.

Big Curl Love

Products: Thickener and hair spray (Try Redken’s thickening lotion cocktailed with Powder Grip; High-Rise Volumizer).

Tools & Accessories: Hair dryer, comb, curling iron (or flat iron; hot or Velcro rollers) and bobby pins.

How to: Spray the thickener into damp hair and blow dry, making a deep side part. Then, keeping hair on top of head flat, coil sections around curling iron (about 1/2” diameter; or use a flat iron or rollers) and pin down, beginning at ear height. Let the curls cool (set) then gently unwind each spiral and separate with your fingers. Finish with hairspray and then if you like, tuck a bobby pin on the side of your head opposite the part.

Braided Romance

Tools & Accessories: Curling iron, hair ties.

How to: Braids are romantic and classic, and very much in style. Some basic tips to achieve perfect braids: Try twisting dry hair around a curling iron first (about 1” diameter) as this helps the braids stay in place. Secondly, braid tightly, then soften with fingers afterwards if you like.

The Dramatic Slick-Back

Product: Smoothing serum (Try Redken’s Diamond Oil Glow Dry;  Pillow Proof Two Day Extender; Frizz Dismiss; Instant Deflate; Align; Satin Wear; Heat Design with Smooth Duo).

Tools & Accessories: Comb, Invisibobbie hair tie, bobby pins, pretty hair clip.

How to: Use a smoothing serum on damp hair for shine. Part hair with comb, then pull it towards the nape of your neck, fixing into a low ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a chignon and then use a pretty hair clip to secure the free ends to your head. For extra hold use bobby pins.


She’s Come Un-done

Product: Volumizer (Try Redken’s High-Rise Volumizer; Guts; Stay High).

Tools: Hair diffuser (optional).

How to: If you are blessed with a medium-to-long mane and some natural curl, try skipping the accessories and letting your locks go tousled and free! Massage a little volumizer into damp hair and scrunch while it air dries, or use a hair diffuser while scrunching. Aim for a natural, ‘imperfect’ look, with soft, loose ends.


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